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Creditsafe Countries

We now have operations in UK, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Luxembourg, Ireland and France meaning that as a Creditsafe customer you can now access company credit reports from these countries in a click of a button.

Creditsafe Creditnet

In addition to our continued expansion Creditsafe has built a network of contacts and Creditsafe Creditnet was launched in 2009 offering access to over 54 million company reports across 27 European countries.

Creditsafe Country

Countries where we have a wholly-owned business producing original Creditsafe standard company credit reports based directly on that country’s original data sources.

Creditnet Partner

Countries where we have established a key local supplier to provide top quality reports.

Online Report Partners

Countries where we can supply an online credit report from one of our selected local partners.

Fresh Investigation

Countries where we can supply a freshly commissioned offline company credit report from our selected partners. Prices will vary depending on the country in question. For more details please call Insert USA Tel Number. Alternatively you can complete the form below and we will give you a call back.


Country Search

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Recent Activity

Date Business Name Charter Number Safe Number Rating Todays Rating Change Change Indicator
05-02-12 Example Company 123654 US123456789 97 98 0 - 3 months
05-02-12 Example Company 852369 US987654321 92 92 0 - 3 months
05-02-12 Example Company 896547 US123654789 97 97 0 - 3 months
05-01-12 Example Company 123654 US987654321 12 12 0 - 3 months
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